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March team days, welcome new team members!

Welcoming our new team members, Deborah Canales (doctoral student), Vaka Vésteinsdóttir (postdoc), Nadja Younes (doctoral student), Laura Höhner and Leonie Ripper (student assistants), the iScience group held a week of team days with intensive exchange of research presentations, teaching and research guideline sessions, combining ideas, discussions, social events and an external talk on online ratings by crowds (“When the Stars Shine Too Bright: Assessing the Influence of Multi-Dimensional Ratings on Overall Evaluations”) given by Dr. Markus Weinmann from the University of Liechtenstein.

Most of our current Master and Bachelor students joined in with additional presentations about the current status of their work, current and past student assistants and tutors completed the crowd. Below a picture of one of the social events.

Two postdocs become professors.

As of January 2018, Stefan Stieger became a full professor at the department of Psychology, Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences, Austria; Eunike Wetzel became a junior professor at University of Mannheim, Germany. The team congratulates, way to go, Stefan and Eunike!

Summer School Decision Making

Sept. 10-15: 2nd Konstanz Summer School on Internet-based Data Collection and Analysis in Decision Making. We welcome about 35 participants from around the world! GSDS Summer School 2017

S. Stieger offered Professorship

Professorship for Methods at Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences in Krems, Austria, offered to Stefan Stieger. The team congratulates!