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"What the heck is Bolo?" you might ask now. "Bolo" is a word in Hindi (the language spoken in India) which means "communication". Stuart Cheshire, who created the game Bolo we are dealing with here, chose this name wisely, for several reasons. First, Bolo is a network game and therefore a playful (and very active) form of communication between real people, as opposed to games between a human and a machine. Most computer games of this non-networked kind get boring after playing them for a few times. They lack social interaction, Bolo does not. Second, communication only works (well) in a democratic structure of equal parts. Bolo uses a form of networking which resembles a "ring", as opposed to a centralized server-client structure preferred by other network games. Therefore, within a Bolo game all players have equal resources, such as speed. It cannot happen that a player with a better network connection to the server gets an advantage.

Just to give you a break in reading here ;-): check out the Bolo Home Page and the Bolo Intro.

Third, the best teams in Bolo are those who communicate well in a fast "nonverbal" way: About concrete actions, and more importantly, about strategy. Fourth, Bolo allows for an incredible flexibility within a tight frame of rule-determining limits (which creates a "language" as the basis for communication). For example, there can be up to 16 players, and they may team up (or not) in any thinkable way. Also, the game is played on "maps" which can have all kinds of shapes and may be changed during the game a lot, but only walls, roads, mines and boats can be built, and "pillboxes" can be moved. This might all sound a little philosophical. However, years of success of the Bolo concept, and the social rules that were formed and are used by the Bolo player community for finding, setting up, beginning, conducting, interrupting, and ending games speak for themselves.
Bolo only runs on the Macintosh (see the links section for PC Bolo developments), and it takes a few days of practice to get ready for a decent internet game. Don't get overwhelmed and frustrated by its possibilities.
If you decide to have a look at Bolo, you will first get the impression that it is a "bang bang I shoot you" game. As you move along and improve you will learn that it is much more like chess. Don't be surprised. And sometimes it even resembles an irc channel with a little action ;-)

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Brains & Bots

LADMO (for PPC)<<< ftp from Switzerland

LADMO (for 68k)<<< ftp from Switzerland

The Ladmo (click here for newer beta-versions) is pretty good, but the aIndy is simply hot right now. As Cliffa has noted: it is commandable ("Pissa, sget pill 13").

Simply the best: aIndy 3.1

The following Indies are included for historical reasons, and also might be a wiser choice for newbies ;-)

Indy 2.02 (for PPC)<<< ftp from U.S.A.

Indy 2.02 (for 68k)<<< ftp from U.S.A.

AKBrain<<< ftp from U.S.A.

Spielborg<<< ftp from U.S.A.. This allows movie-making!

Brainwave 1.2<<< ftp from U.S.A.. This adds some nice features.

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Map Editors

BMap-Edit 3.0<<< ftp from U.S.A.

BoloStar<<< ftp from Switzerland

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Other Bolo links

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The Bolo Home Page
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Bolo Trackers

North American: (50001)North American: (50001)European: (50000)Australian: (50000)

Internet Relay Chat

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel #bolo, if in Europe use as irc server.

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